About Us

We have been married since 1970, raised 4 sons who married 4 of the BEST daughters-in-law one could have, & now we have 19 grandkids – all living within 30 minutes of us. We are very blessed.

After retiring, started making wooden items in my shop for grandkids and daughters-in-law. WHAM!! Got lots of praise from all the daughters-in-law; they love the quality. They said we needed to sell these items on-line. At first, we politely side-stepped the suggestion, but the girls just would not let up. So, placed a listing on an on-line site and WHAM again – sales happened. Now, we spend lots of time making things and getting great customer feedback. We make them just as we would for our daughters-in-law.

We truly love making high-quality pieces, and enjoy knowing that our customers love them too.

Mike and Nan